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A non-boring way to execute your people strategy

We work with People & Culture teams to grow culture in a fun and impactful way.

Our gamified culture design sprints enable you to get immediate traction on your key people and culture initiatives. You'll come away with fresh ideas and an action plan for moving forward, plus buy-in from everyone. A fresh (not fluffy) approach to culture. 

50+ people and culture teams have worked with us to increase engagement, collaboration and innovation


Gamified + Culture + Design Sprint


Gamification makes the process of talking about culture engaging & inclusive.

The patterns, dynamics, principles and practices that shape how work gets done, and how an organisation or team operates.

A collaborative, interactive and energetic way to get fresh insights and clarity on how to grow your culture.

Increase feelings of connectedness, clarity and care by 50% in just two months

"Your tools are light, agile, flexible. Not bureaucratic and unwieldy. For a busy People & Culture team, that is a blessing."

Kirti, Director of People & Culture, APRA AMCOS


What does a culture design sprint involve?

Inspired by the design sprint methodology made famous by Google Ventures. We've given it a P&C twist and added some gamification.


We can facilitate the entire process for you or give you the tools, platform and resources to do it yourself. 

1. Focus on the P&C initiatives that matter most to you

The culture design sprint is flexible and can be applied to any part of the employee experience. From increasing engagement, embedding values, improving career development through to candidate experience and more.

Learn more from our Case Studies

2. Bring your people together and break the HR workshop stereotype

The thought of culture-building sessions usually invokes eye-rolls and cynicism. Break the stereotype, and have your people walk away saying, "That was way better than the boring HR workshop I was expecting". Our platform uses gamification to create engaging sessions that make it fun and easy for everyone to contribute.

3. Get input from teams about what they think (without sending them yet another survey)

Powerful questions uncover deeper insights and stories from your people. Ideas that consider your organisation's context, day-to-day experiences, historical insights and nuances that AI can't yet capture. Our platform comes with hundreds of built-in powerful questions that get teams thinking and acting differently.

4. Move forward quickly with a targetted action plan

Get a targeted action plan full of rich data and recommendations so you can make progress on your people strategy. Understand the quick wins, potential experiments, and longer-term initiatives that you should prioritise to have a positive impact on your culture.

Improve engagement scores by 21  percentage points in just three months

"In all the time that I've been running businesses, I have never done anything to do with culture that’s been even remotely as effective as the stuff that we've done with In The Game. "

Michael, CEO, InDesign Group


Facilitation Services

Bring a sprinkle of magic dust to your most important events. We specialise in:

  • Facilitating high-impact Leadership Team offsites.

  • Delivering engaging, fun and energetic interactive keynotes for internal and industry conferences.

We blend together experiential activities, play, games, and music to provide a fun, novelty and fresh experience for your people.


Ready to get traction on your strategic P&C initiatives?

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A non-boring way to execute your people strategy

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