Build a

winning culture

Put in place the right practices to build a winning culture, no matter when or where your people work.

What's a winning culture?

We believe you have a winning culture when you have an environment that creates more flow than friction. Your business has a winning culture when it's:

Growth Orientated

The focus is on sustainably growing your business. People look ahead and think more broadly to help the business achieve its strategic goals. There is a strong focus on individual growth and development, and people become better by coming to work.


Ideas and fresh thinking come from all across the company. People are continually thinking about how the business can be better. Everyone has a voice and plays a part. There is a high level of ownership and less bureaucracy, so change happens quickly.

Outcomes Focused

People invest energy in the right places to achieve positive outcomes and make a difference. Success is measured by the impact made and the achievement of goals, not by the number of hours worked and office politics.


How we work with you

We're a training and software company that believes working collaboratively with you is the only way to build a winning culture. Our approach upskills and supports you to put in place tactical practices that align with the Winning 6 culture strategies. We work together with you and your people to adapt these practices, so they work in your environment and context. We give you everything you need to build a winning culture successfully. We focus on:

Measurable results, fast

Analytics and measurement are woven through everything we do. Our practical and collaborative approach helps you get results faster. For example, we created a measurable improvement in employee engagement from 45% to 66% in 3 months for a recent client program.

Creating self-sufficiency

We involve people from across your business, so things stick. Our combination of training and software gives people the skills and tools they need, so everything continues to work when we're no longer around.

Making things work for you

We provide you with simple, tested and practical tools. We then support you to adapt them to fit your business goals, environment, context and people. We're not about copy-pasting approaches, but about taking what works and modifying it to suit you.

What are the benefits of a winning culture?

A winning culture leads to greater profitability, better retention and improved innovation. This means a positive impact on your bottom line, happier people and better outcomes for your customers.

Greater profitability

A recent Thrive Global study found that companies in the top 10% for employee experience financially outperform their FTSE500 peers on various financial performance metrics. This includes a 4.3% better EBIDTA margin.

Better retention

94% of people in a 2020 LinkedIn survey said they would stay at a company longer if they have meaningful development opportunities. A winning culture helps retain people by supporting their growth as your business evolves. Better retention of the right people means less recruitment costs, less retraining costs and less unhappy customers.

Improved innovation

A winning culture creates the right conditions for innovation. A 2017 research paper in the Business Process Management Journal by 
Burcharth, Knudsen & Søndergaard found a strong link between autonomy and innovation outcomes.

Are you building a winning culture?

Take the Winning 6 Scorecard for free and find out how well you're bringing your people into the game and building a winning culture.

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