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Hire, Inspire, Grow and Perform

We work together with HR Managers and Business Owners of small-to-medium growing companies (just like yours), to help you hire, engage and retain the right talent so that you can get results and grow. We use a mix of strategy/culture exploration, simple tools, practical frameworks, process redesign, game-based workshops and 1:1 coaching to deliver our programs.


Our latest leadership development game

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Quinks is a simple and powerful game. Players learn skills to build values-based relationships with others, and better coach their team. The gameplay facilitates the powerful duo that makes for great conversations. Awesome questions and active listening.


How we can help you


Perfect for when you need to improve the quality and speed of your in-house recruitment process.

Perfect for when you have a critical hire in your business which you need to get right.


Perfect for when you want to create an awesome culture that attracts and keeps talent using principles from the modern psychology of motivation.


Perfect for when you want to enable your leaders to grow high performers by building leadership skills that will help instil a culture that promotes coaching, feedback, delegation, diversity of thought and autonomy.


Perfect for when you want to use a modern approach to performance management that gets everyone on the same page and drives results.


A range of tools, resources and mini-courses to help you hire, inspire grow and perform.

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Keep up-to-date about the latest and freshest approaches to hiring, leadership and culture

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Who we are



I am really passionate about innovation in HR. I believe that almost all traditional HR practices are broken and I love finding better and more progressive ways of doing things. 


I've got 10+ years deep expertise in applied psychology for hiring, leadership and performance.

I love soccer, psychology, playing board/video games and the night time.


I am really passionate about diversity & inclusion and employee engagement. By day I am a GM of People & Safety.  At night I am the voice of the customer for In the Game. I help make sure we build practical, workable solutions for small-medium businesses.

I've got 10+ years commercial, strategic and operational HR, OD & recruitment expertise.

I love Muay Thai, the All Blacks and the morning time.

What we value

Make it fun

When people enjoy what they do, they are more likely to do it.


We bring a playful, fun edge to our programs. Using games and exercises to bring to life important concepts, get buy-in and drive engagement.


Our programs and tools are evidence-based. We use principles of modern psychology, motivation and behaviour change to help you and your people get the wins they need and want.


Our modern approach combines the best of latest HR technology with what some of the world’s best start-ups are doing with respect to hiring and developing people.

Keep it Simple

We enable self-sufficiency by giving you easy-to-use tools, templates and programs built on frameworks that make things easy to repeat without ongoing extra help.


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