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Get traction on your key P&C initiatives in just six weeks

Execute your people strategy in a snappy, impactful and collaborative way.


Run a Culture Design Sprint, and you'll walk away with ELT buy-in, fresh inspiration, tangible deliverables, and a clear action plan so you can keep moving forward confidently.

We've worked with 50+ P&C teams to make rapid progress on their people strategy

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Focus on the strategic P&C initiatives that matter most to you

Our Culture Design Sprints are a modern way for P&C teams to drive ELT engagement, get org-wide input, and quickly test multiple ideas and solutions. Our flexible, high-impact Sprints come in different flavours tailored to tackle the most common strategic initiatives you need to deliver.

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Design Sprint

Dive deeper into your engagement survey data with your ELT and SLT to better understand what’s working and what’s not. Create impactful solutions and build an executive-level action plan to improve engagement.

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Design Sprint

Develop your organisational values in an interactive and collaborative way. Better embed your values so you can go beyond the 'values on the wall' and build a genuine values-led culture.

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Employee Experience

Design Sprint

Get ideas and meaningful insights from your people for any employee experience initiative you need to roll out (e.g. recruitment, onboarding, career development, learning). Experiment with new ways of working in a fast and fun way. 

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Tackling your people strategy doesn’t have to be big, complex, expensive or boring!

It's hard to keep the strategy stuff moving when operational issues keep coming up. Constant restructures, legislation changes, managers misbehaving, and employees underperforming. But executing strategy doesn't have to be hard. In just six weeks, using Culture Design Sprints, you will make meaningful progress on your key strategic initiatives in an exciting and collaborative way. Plus, you'll have plenty of cool and tangible things to share at your next quarterly update!

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Culture Design Sprints give you a fresh, not fluffy approach to culture. 

We've taken inspiration from design thinking and design sprints to build a unique method developed specifically for P&C teams in mid-sized organisations (100 - 1,000). Our approach enables you to make fast, tangible progress on your people strategy in a way that's super engaging and not at all 'corporate'.



Get your ELT & SLT fully on board to help drive things forward


A process that delivers you tangible outputs in just six weeks


Fresh conversations about culture without the awkward silences


A new way of looking at people and culture for the hybrid world


Prioritised actions and prototypes that give you quick wins to build from

Awards and appearances

Casey Business Awards: Professional Business Services Finalist 

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ATC:  Becoming a Strategic Talent Advisor Keynote


AHRI:  Talent Management Award Finalist


Talent Table:  Talentpalooza Opening Interactive Keynote


6-weeks for real traction on your key P&C initiatives

Our Approach


Align the Culture Design Sprint to your context and goals

We'll start with a session to deep-dive into your organisational vision, strategy and culture. We'll get clarity on your people strategy and the objectives you want to tackle in the Sprint. After the kick-off, we'll map out the logistics and timelines and review any work you and the team have already done.


Gamified Conversations






Employee Journey Mapping






Question Storming


Music Powered  Ideation



WEEKS 2 & 3

Bring your people together and break the HR workshop stereotype

The thought of culture-building sessions usually invokes eye rolls and cynicism. Break the stereotype, and have your people walk away saying, "That was way better than the boring HR workshop I was expecting." Each workshop is tailored to meet the Sprint objectives, drawing from our toolkit of engaging and innovative tools and techniques.

Each Sprint begins with an ELT/SLT workshop(s). We then run workshops with the broader organisation to get bottom-up input. Workshops go for 3-4 hours, and we typically run 4-8 workshops as part of a Sprint.

WEEK 4 & 5

Prototyping & piloting to quickly test and validate ideas

Culture Design Sprint workshops generate tons of ideas and insights. We'll synthesise the data and build out some experiments to run.

Instead of spending ages over-engineering something perfect on paper but not perfect in practice, we quickly build prototypes for piloting. Prototyping and piloting allow you to test out more ideas and take a more agile and experimental approach to implementation.



Action planning to keep the momentum going

We'll analyse the data and feedback from the experiments and then present back a clear action plan. This plan maps out the quick wins and longer-term initiatives that you should prioritise to positively impact your People Strategy. You'll walk away with data, tangible assets, and a plan so you can continue to move forward with confidence.


Increase feelings of connectedness, clarity and care by 50%

"Your tools are light, agile, flexible. Not bureaucratic and unwieldy. For a busy People & Culture team, that is a blessing."

Kirti, Director of People & Culture, APRA AMCOS

Flexible ways we can work together



Culture Design Sprint

We’ll take care of everything for you using our expertise in facilitation, psychology and culture to run an amazing Culture Design Sprint experience.


Partial Sprint from $15k

Full Sprint from $35k


Culture Design Sprint Training

Learn everything you need to run Culture Design Sprints. Get access to our full platform and toolkit, as well as ongoing support and coaching.


Public course from $1.7k

In-house course from $8k




Get everyone energised at your next conference or offsite. We infuse gamification with insightful content to generate serious energy and excitement.

Learn more about our current keynote topics here.


From $5k for a one-hour interactive keynote 


Improve engagement scores by 21  percentage points

"In all the time that I've been running businesses, I have never done anything related to culture that’s been even remotely as effective as the stuff that we've done with In The Game."

Michael, CEO, InDesign Group

Ready for some real momentum with your P&C strategy?

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A fresh, not fluffy approach to culture

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