Build a winning culture,

no matter where your people work

We give you the tools, training and data-driven insights to build a culture where your people collaborate, innovate and perform.

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How do you build a winning culture?

Take the free scorecard and get actionable insights right away.

We work together with businesses to create a measurable improvement to culture within 3 months

We want to help you create a business that values:


Growth & Innovation

not stagnation


Proactivity & Ownership

not bureaucracy 


Collaborative Performance

not silos and office politics

Why In The Game?

Building a winning culture isn't about paying massive bonuses or free beer.  Based on decades of psychology research and experience, we help you to put in place practices that work quickly.

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Training and implementation support to help you on your  journey

We know that culture can be tricky business. There is so much outdated, ineffective and mixed advice out there.

We provide amazing training and structured implementation support to keep things on track and build internal capability. We make sure things work in your environment and context to meet your business goals.

Actionable insights to help your business perform in the hybrid era

Have your finger on the pulse about your people's, performance, motivation and skills.

Our dashboards provide you with exactly the kind of data and visibility you need to help your business perform in a hybrid working environment.

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Simple tools that you can implement fast

Our templates, checklists and videos make it easy for you to make positive changes to your culture quickly.

Our awesome physical and digital games help you create more energy, fun and connection in your business. 

In all the time that I've been running businesses, I have never seen any program that’s been even remotely as effective as the stuff that we've done with In the Game.

Other programs has been very short-term that everyone’s forgotten about within a few months. With this, it's reinforced with regular one-on-ones with Viren and putting in place practices to make sure it becomes part of the culture.

Michael, CEO

Build Stronger Team Connection

Mini-Guide + Canvas + Videos

Unhealthy team conflict and silos slow down your business. They happen when people become misaligned on goals and lose touch with others perspectives and challenges. Get your teams better connected with this team toolkit.

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Greater profitability, better retention and improved innovation

A winning culture leads to a positive impact on your bottom line, happier people and better outcomes for your customers.

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Greater profitability

A recent Thrive Global study found that companies in the top 10% for employee experience financially outperform their FTSE500 peers on various financial performance metrics. This includes a 4.3% better EBIDTA margin.

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Better retention

94% of people in a 2020 LinkedIn survey said they would stay at a company longer if they have meaningful development opportunities. A winning culture helps retain people by supporting their growth as your business evolves. Better retention of the right people means less recruitment costs, less retraining costs and less unhappy customers.

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Improved innovation

A winning culture creates the right conditions for innovation. A 2017 research paper in the Business Process Management Journal by 
Burcharth, Knudsen & Søndergaard found a strong link between autonomy and innovation outcomes.

How do you build a winning culture?

Take the free scorecard and get actionable insights right away.