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Infuse more meaningful fun into the conversations that grow your culture

In The Game is a culture-building platform that gives you game-based tools to facilitate more powerful conversations for hiring, team development, and individual engagement.

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Avoid the growing pains of a growing business

When you leave culture to chance, you end up with no initiative, no fresh ideas, no energy and a heap of conflict. It’s an environment where nobody wants to come to work and where nobody does their best work.  In The Game’s platform gives you the tools you need to build a growth-focused culture in a fun and playful way. 


Run amazing interviews that candidates love

Attract and hire the right people with a streamlined, quality, candidate-friendly interview experience.


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Boost team performance & engagement

Run energising team meetings and workshops that foster collaboration, performance and bottom-up innovation.


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Break down office politics and silos

Enable meaningful conversations that support career development, onboarding, and cross-team connection.


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In all the time that I've been running businesses, I have never done anything to do with culture that’s been even remotely as effective as the stuff that we've done with In The Game. "

Michael, Business Owner, InDesign Group

Give your hiring managers interviewing superpowers

It’s time to stop Googling interview questions and using outdated interview techniques.


Build and run amazing interviews that reduce bias and lead to better hiring decisions, all while delivering a great candidate experience that allows them and your brand to flourish.

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Amplify the power of your teams

Whenever teams come together, it's an opportunity to make something brilliant happen. Yet all too often, team meetings and workshops feel like a waste of time.


Align teams, generate ideas, celebrate success and infuse your values with our game-based team tools. 


Foster more meaningful connection across your business

In a fast-paced business, work easily becomes very task-focused, but too much task focus leads to conflict and friction.


Help your people connect more easily with game-based guided conversations where they learn from each other and grow together.

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Bring your culture to life

Our game-based tools spark new conversations in your business that help build a positive, growth-focused culture. They create memorable shared experiences with a high degree of engagement, novelty and variety - all key ingredients for creating more energy and fresh thinking.


Get powerful data about your people & culture

Our game-based tools generate valuable insights about what’s going well in your business, what’s going less well, and your values, strengths and goals. Use your new insights to continuously improve your culture as you grow.


Customisable to reflect your brand & values

To bring your culture to life, it’s important that the platform looks and feels like you. Our platform can be customised to reflect your branding (colours, logo,  imagery), values, frameworks, and language.


Empower individuals to shape your culture

We believe you can only build a growth-focused culture by bringing everyone into the game. Our platform is designed to empower everyone in your business to be a positive contributor to your culture.

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Helping to change the game

In The Game have taken the 1% pledge. We give back at least 1% of our revenue to businesses and enterprises that are focused on positive environmental, social and community impact. We do this by making financial contributions and offering discounts on all our products and services via our Changing the Game program.

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A fresh way to build a growth-focused culture

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