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Create a modern place to work, where people love what they do and where they perform

We build modern games, online toolkits and learning programs for people, culture and leadership. We make modern concepts from psychology and workplace culture easy to understand and easy for you to put into practice.

Is your hiring hit rate not quite right? Does it take too long to hire the right people? Do your hires misfire or underperform?

The Recruitment Playbook is about how to get the right talent at the right time. It covers how to attract talent, hire quality all with a modern scalable pain-free process.


  • The Recruitment Playbook Program

  • Hiring Manager Workshops

  • The Hiring System Toolkit

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Are you finding it difficult to develop talent? Is there a lack of quality two-way feedback? 

The Modern People Leader will help you create an effective feedback culture to build growth and drive performance. It's all about creating leaders who can develop and engage talent. Leaders who can build capability and growth through more effective delegation


  • The Modern People Leader Program

  • Master the Art of One-on-Ones Workshop

  • The Quarterly Game Plan - Great Career Conversations Workshop

  • The Coaching Rhythm Toolkit

Do people seem to be missing their mojo? Want to know how to better reward and recognise your team?

The Motivation Equation will

help you create an awesome culture that attracts and keeps talent using the principles of modern psychology and motivation. It will help you better motivate and inspire your staff.


  • The Motivation Equation Program

  • Surprise & Delight Toolkit

Want a head-start? Find out why good people don't do what you want them to.

High performing teams are at the heart of modern workplaces. Teams that are adaptable, driven, outcome orientated, flexible and fast-moving. Teams that get stuff done and innovate.

The Team Coach will help you create teams that really jive, jam and perform. This can be long-standing teams, newly formed teams or temporary teams. Help teams get that spark and cutting edge!


  • The Team Coach Program

  • The Team Coach Toolkit

Learning Programs

Who says learning needs to be boring? Our programs are a fun, high-energy modern learning experience, either online or face-to-face. We know that a workshop experience on its own is often not enough to embed learning. That's why all our programs include a mix of initiatives. A mix of game-based workshops, process design, group and individual coaching, online toolkits and weekly e-mail learning boosts. All these extra touchpoints help reinforce the learning and help with embedding new habits and change. Our programs are delivered over 1, 3 or 6 months. 


Our toolkits are a collection of online videos, tools, resources and templates. They give you practical steps put in place modern practices with respect. to people, culture and leadership. All our toolkits have a free preview so you can get an idea of what's included and if it's right for you. The toolkits are supported by monthly group-coaching calls.


Our workshops are condensed versions of our learning programs, focused on one core element. We use a mix of follow-up initiatives to support and embed learning. Workshops range from short 2.5 sessions to a full-day experience. All using game-based learning.



Quinks is our flagship leadership and team development game. It helps build deeper connection and people skills.

Quinks is perfect for facilitators, leaders and L&D/HR/P&C professionals. It's a simple, fun and engaging game. It develops active listening, powerful questions and values-based relationships. Skills which are essential for people leadership, coaching and team effectiveness.

Quinks can be played by 2 - 16+ players. It comes in both physical and digital formats, together with all the slides and materials you need to run an awesome engaging game-based workshop or team building session.


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Who we are



I am really passionate about innovation in HR. I believe that almost all traditional HR practices are broken and I love finding better and more progressive ways of doing things. 


I've got 10+ years deep expertise in applied psychology for hiring, leadership and performance.

I love soccer, psychology, playing board/video games and the night time.


I am really passionate about diversity & inclusion and employee engagement. By day I am a GM of People & Safety.  At night I am the voice of the customer for In the Game. I help make sure we build practical, workable solutions for small-medium businesses.

I've got 10+ years commercial, strategic and operational HR, OD & recruitment expertise.

I love Muay Thai, the All Blacks and the morning time.

What we value

Make it fun

When people enjoy what they do, they are more likely to do it.


We bring a playful, fun edge to our programs. Using games and exercises to bring to life important concepts, get buy-in and drive engagement.


Our programs and tools are evidence-based. We use principles of modern psychology, motivation and behaviour change to help you and your people get the wins they need and want.


Our modern approach combines the best of latest HR technology with what some of the world’s best start-ups are doing with respect to hiring and developing people.

Keep it Simple

We enable self-sufficiency by giving you easy-to-use tools, templates and programs built on frameworks that make things easy to repeat without ongoing extra help.


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