Bring your people into the game

We help businesses create a winning culture.

A culture of proactivity, ownership and growth.

A culture that thrives in the modern world, be that in-person, hybrid or fully remote.

A culture where everyone is in it for the win.

A culture with more flow and less friction.

A culture where everyone is In The Game.

When your people are out of the game

Reactive Focus

They have a reactive focus. They spend all their time on short-term business-as-usual activities. They are narrow in their thinking, only focused on their role and their team, and not on other teams and the wider business.


Ideas always seem to have to come from the top-down. People aren't challenging the status quo or thinking about how to do things better or differently. This leads to a lack of fresh thinking.

Change is slow and painful

Change feels like it is pushed uphill. Lots of struggle, effort, follow-up and chasing.

How to bring your people into the game

There are six key tactics you need to use to bring your people into the game. These tactics tap into the psychological needs that all people have.

Bring your 

Game Plan to life

Build and share your purpose, vision, strategy and values in an inspiring and fun way.



Map out the Win:Win:Win

Align individual goals with team goals and company goals so that everyone is playing for the win.  Celebrate wins with some surprise and delight.





Connect individuals, leaders, and teams with each other using rituals that are meaningful and fun.




your skills

Map out the skills your people have so you can get clear visibility of strengths and potential gaps across your teams and across the business. To plan for now, and the future.





When new opportunities emerge, think internal first. Look creatively at how opportunities are fulfilled using the skills that you already have.





Provide people with the freedom and flexibility around how and when they want to work to achieve the outcomes and innovation you need.



When your people are in the game

Broader Focus

They have a broader focus. They are responsive to short-term needs, but also prioritise time on activities which are about the long-term growth of the business. They consider not just their role and their team, but other teams and the needs of the wider business.


They are proactive. They constantly think about how the business can do better, and about new and different ways of doing things.

Change is faster

They put changes into place quickly and act fast. They are also comfortable challenging change in a productive fashion.

A frictionless business, where everyone is in the game and in it for the win

How we work with you

We provide you with a range of games, analytics and toolkits designed to help you bring your people into the game. We provide customisation, implementation support and training as needed to make sure everything works in your unique environment.

Games are the best way to create a fun, engaging and dynamic way of thinking and working. Our games bring your game plan to life, get people and teams connected, and help you understand your skills.

Our analytics give you better insights into the skills, strengths and drivers of your people. These insights are essential to help you better lead and grow your business. 

Our toolkits give you everything you need to bring your people into the game. They are focused on practices that drive engagement and performance. Practices like 1-on-1s, career conversations, team meetings, and all-hands. We provide you with simple, practical templates, checklists and supporting videos so you can get started right away.

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