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Gamification-powered team conversations that immediately improve your culture

Run impactful workshops that get your teams talking about culture without the awkward silences. Powered by the magic of gamification.

Our platform enables you to run guided culture-building experiences with next to no prep time. Walk away from every session with tangible ideas and an immediate positive impact on your employee engagement. A fresh (not fluffy) approach to culture.

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50+ people and culture professionals use our platform and tools to foster innovation, impact and growth


A game-changing approach (literally) for creating a buzz about your culture

Building culture in a hybrid world is hard. When you don't get it right, people leave, teams underperform, and things quickly spiral downward. The traditional approaches don't work as they fail to get buy-in from your people, so everything feels like an uphill battle. Our platform makes it easy for you to build your culture in a modern, engaging and impactful way. Less friction, more flow.

Break the HR workshop stereotype

The thought of culture-building sessions usually invokes eye-rolls and cynicism. Break the stereotype, and have your people walk away saying, "That was way better than the boring HR workshop I was expecting". Our platform uses gamification to create engaging sessions that make it fun and easy for everyone to contribute.

Ensure your key P&C initiatives have impact

So much energy goes into initiatives like engagement surveys and organisational values, so you can't have these initiatives fall short at the final hurdle. Bring something fresh to your key P&C initiatives. Engagement action planning sessions, values workshops or team-building programs, we've got you covered. Our versatile business-focussed tools are easy to integrate with your current practices and tools. 

Ask better questions, get better answers

Things are busy enough in your P&C role without having the extra burden of thinking about engaging workshop design. Take the pressure off designing workshop structure and activities. Our platform comes with everything you need to run great culture-building sessions. With hundreds of built-in powerful questions that get teams thinking differently, you can focus more on the conversation and action and less on preparation. 

Get feedback and ideas to immediately improve your culture

Avoid those time-wasting sessions where people go around in circles without clear actions by the end. Instead, run action-focused sessions that end with you getting a report of prioritised actions and ideas to improve team culture so you can move quickly to increase employee engagement.

Increase feelings of connectedness, clarity and care by 50% in just two months

"Your tools are light, agile, flexible. Not bureaucratic and unwieldy. For a busy People & Culture team, that is a blessing."

Kirti, Director of People & Culture, APRA AMCOS

An easy-to-set-up, fully guided experience

Every session is easy to run, whether in-person, hybrid or online. No complicated facilitator guides or instructions to memorise. It takes under 3 minutes to set up a session and get started.

1. Select the session type and customise

Select the session type from our pre-built templates, and then customise the session to suit your objectives.

2. Start the session

Players can join a session by scanning a QR code or clicking a link.

3. Run the session

Spark engaging conversation that gets everyone's input.   

4. Move to action

Capture everyone's ideas on how to move forward. 

5. Analyse and act

Get a post-game report of prioritised actions and ideas to improve your culture.

Improve engagement scores by 21  percentage points in just three months

"In all the time that I've been running businesses, I have never done anything to do with culture that’s been even remotely as effective as the stuff that we've done with In The Game. "

Michael, CEO, InDesign Group


Support to make sure you get the most from the platform


 Implementation support

Get everything you need to get started. We'll work with you to onboard you onto the platform, provide hosts with training, and also understand the key P&C initiatives you've currently got in play for improving your culture.


Dedicated Culture


Scale your culture faster together with your own Culture Coach. We work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve, give you resources to get there, and capture feature requests for the platform.


Data & analytics deep-dive sessions


We'll get together with you once a quarter to unpack the insights from all the sessions you've run on the platform. This data is a gold mine for understanding how to increase employee engagement.


Library of tools & resources


Access an amazing library of templates, checklists and videos on improving your culture. These tools and resources have been tested and refined with P&C teams and people leaders, so they're super practical and effective.

Get immediate positive outcomes

"Our sales team absolutely loved it and have already used the insights they obtained to generate better sales outcomes."

Louise, Group Head of HR, Dunlop Flooring

Ready to level up your culture?

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A fresh, action-focused way to build your culture.

Melbourne, Australia

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