Who says learning needs to be boring?

Our Workshops are a fun, high-energy modern workshop experiences. They can be delivered either online or face-to-face, and are adapted to meet your required learning objectives. Learning outcomes can also be delivered as individual workshops. But that not all.


We know that a workshop experience on its own is not enough to embed learning. That's why all our workshop experiences include follow-up initiatives. A mix of group and individual coaching, online tools and weekly e-mail learning boosts. All these extra touchpoints help reinforce the learning and help with learning transfer.

We can deliver these workshops for you, or upskill you and your team to deliver them in-house. 

The Art and Science of Growing Talent

Your ability to get results and scale is amplified by having a high-quality team of high performers around you. One half of the equation is hiring great people, the other half of the equation is growing and developing them. So how do you really grow talent? How can you delegate, to both free up your own time and build capability? How often should you be catching-up with your team? Get answers to all these questions and more.



  • Relationship focus

  • Create an effective feedback culture to help build growth and drive performance.

  • Better drive accountability and build engagement.

  • Free up time and build better capability through delegation.

  • Provide great development opportunities for their staff.


Topics Covered

  • The mindset of a great people leader, one which fosters a feedback culture not a culture of micromanagement.

  • The skillset of a great people leader. This includes active listening, questioning, coaching, receiving feedback, giving feedback and delegation.

  • The process great people leaders use, including career development conversations, weekly-one-on-ones and more.

Get your Team Jamming

Motivation spiel


Surprise and delight anyone in your life that you want to recognise, be that your staff, colleagues, partner, kids, or friends. Anyone that you feel deserves more recognition for what they do.


By using this toolkit you will be able to:
Better reward and recognise your people
Modern psychology
Specific examples for a different profile of staff

New school motivation and recognition

Why do your staff not always do what you tell them? Why do people hate being told what to do? Understand what modern psychology tells us about motivation and learn how to apply the principles in the workplace. Teaser: Annual bonuses are not effective at motivating people or driving performance outcomes!

Improve employee engagement.
Reduce their levels of staff turnover.
Implement a contemporary and modern approach to rewards and recognition.
Grow their team whilst still retaining the aspects of what makes their culture great.


Topics Covered

  • Why the “Why” is so important – understanding your own “why”, understanding others “why” and bringing your company “why” to life

  • The concept of mastery and flow – how we can enable people to get “in the zone” more frequently with their work

  • Enabling autonomy – giving your people the freedom they need to do a good job by focusing more on alignment through clear objectives

  • Baseline rewards – how we can move away from annual bonuses and really add the cherry on top with some surprise and delight in reward and recognition programs

Strategy, Performance, and Action

People really crave career development.


People leave companies when they perceive a lack of career progression. People stay engaged and motivated when they get good career development opportunities.


One of the most effective ways you can support career development is by having regular career conversations with your team.

By using this toolkit you will be able to:

  • Better relationships

  • Have better carer conversations

  • Support people with growth

  • Insight into your own career

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