Winning Culture Playbook & Digital Tools
Put in place the building blocks of a winning culture

We believe that you need to be intentional about the practices you put in place to build the culture you want. We provide you with the digital tools, frameworks and implementation support to put in place practices that help you create a culture of growth, innovation and collaboration. These practices are aligned with our Winning 6 Framework. We take time to make sure things are customised to stick in your environment and meet your business goals.


There are seven essential people and culture practices that we help businesses implement:

Vision & Values

Can everyone in your business articulate your vision and values? Do your vision and values create excitement in your business? Are your vision and values different to your competitors? We help you create your desired culture by supporting you to better embed your vision and values into your ways of working.

New Ways of Working

Are you experiencing a push v pull dynamic when getting people to work in an office? Are you unsure about the best way to make the most of hybrid working? We help you implement the frameworks, processes and practices to support you in this new world of work.

Goal Setting & Performance Management

Does everyone in your business understand their goals? Is success celebrated in a meaningful way? Do your performance management practices create high performance?

In the modern world of work, effective goals are essential. They should drive clarity and help people focus on what matters. Too often, goals fall short by being poorly set and being slow to adapt as the business changes.

We help you set better goals in your business and create a culture of high performance.

Communication & Coaching Rhythm

Do you create time and space for people to connect, collaborate, and create together? Is there time and space for your leaders to work effectively with individuals and teams to coach them? Is communication an intentional practice? We help you put in place a communication and coaching rhythm that reduces the noise in your business and helps people and teams better connect with one and other.

Recruitment Process Design

Building a winning culture is a lot easier when you have a focus on hiring the right people. Sadly, most businesses miss the mark when it comes to recruitment. They focus on the wrong things and use poor practices, which creates a poor candidate experience.

But what approach to use? How to go through all those resumes? How many interviews to conduct and what questions to ask?

We help you create a fantastic recruitment process for both candidates and hiring managers while also increasing your quality of hire.

Innovation Sprints

Do people in your business constantly come up with new ideas for improving your products and services? We help you put a in place highly practical approach to increasing innovation in your business by giving people the right time and space to innovate and by giving you a structured approach to evaluating and implementing ideas.

Career Development + Skills Map

Do you find creative ways to give people career development opportunities? Do you have clear visibility of the skills your people have and the skills you need? Career development is one of the best ways of retaining people in your business. Sadly, career development often isn't proactive enough. We help you put in place career development practices that help retain your people and help your business get ready to respond to the future. We help you map out the skills you have in your business, and give you an easy way to identify strengths and gaps at an individual and team level.


How do you build a winning culture?

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