A selection of our games are available as retail products. These are cost-effective ways to bring fun and engagement to leadership development, team development and hiring practices. 



Quinks is our flagship leadership and team development game. It helps build deeper connection and people skills.

Quinks is a simple, fun and engaging game. It develops active listening, powerful questioning and values-based relationships. Skills which are essential for people leadership, coaching and team effectiveness.

Quinks can be played by 2 - 16+ players. It comes in both physical and digital formats, together with all the slides and materials you need to run an awesome and engaging game-based workshop or team building session.


Quinks Interview Toolkit


Interviews are a really powerful technique to help you hire the right people. However, most interviews are poorly run, unstructured and a really bad experience for candidates. Not only does this result in hiring misfires, but it also means a poor experience that isn't great for your brand.

The Quinks Interview Toolkit improves interviews by bringing more autonomy, connection and engagement to the process. It's a simple toolkit that helps you hire better and provide a better candidate experience at the same time.