The Winning 6

We’re on a mission to help businesses build a winning culture. A culture that’s focused on growth, proactivity, innovation and performance. We believe to build a winning culture you need to bring your people into the game. The Winning 6 Framework helps you do this by tapping into the psychological needs that all people have. The Winning 6 is based on decades of psychology research (Self Determination Theory, Deci & Ryan). We work with businesses to put in place the Winning 6 Framework at a business, team and leadership level

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Bring Your Game Plan to Life

Build and share your vision, strategy and values in an inspiring and fun way.​ This brings a sense of purpose to people's work and helps them think for the long-term.

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Visualise Your Skills

Map out your people's skills so you can get clear visibility of strengths and potential gaps across your teams and the business. This helps you plan for now and the future.


Map out the Win:Win:Win:Win

Align individual goals with team goals, company goals and customers goals so that everyone is playing for the win. Celebrate wins with some surprise and delight.

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Create Opportunities

Look creatively at how you meet emerging needs using the skills that you already have. When the need arises, hire well using excellent evidence-based recruitment practices.

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Foster Connection

Connect individuals, leaders, and teams with each other using rituals that are meaningful and fun. Bust down silos and create genuine trust and openesses.

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Enable Autonomy

Provide people with the freedom and flexibility around how and when they work. This creates greater performance, speed and innovation in your business.


How do you build a winning culture?

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