How we work with you

We believe working collaboratively with you and your people is the only way to build a winning culture. Our approach upskills and supports you to put in place tactical practices that align with the Winning 6 culture strategies. We work closely with you to adapt these practices, so they work in your environment and context. We give you everything you need to build a winning culture successfully, including:


Implementation Support & Training

We’ll work with you to select the right tactical practices to put into place. To support the implementation process, we'll work with a selection of Team Captains from across your business.

We then provide a range of training and support services to your Team Captains so they can work within their teams to shape and implement the initiatives that we've chosen to put in place.


To support the training and implementation process we’ll give your Team Captains access to a range of practical templates, checklists, presentations, learning content and videos. We'll support you to figure out how to adapt these materials to best suit your business.



We'll work with you to collect useful data about your people. We'll then give you online access to a range of valuable and practical dashboards, like:

Culture Dashboard
This provides you with details about your cultural strengths and gaps, and any data about how well practices are being adopted.

Team Skills and Mobility Dashboard
This gives you insights about the strengths of your people. Particularly useful to find people with specific skills for internal projects and opportunities, or for identifying where teams might need support.


We'll give your Team Captains access to relevant and easy-to-use games which they can play with their teams to help bring fun and engagement to the implementation process.


Are you building a winning culture?

Take the Winning 6 Culture Scorecard for free and find out if you're bringing your people into the game and building a winning culture.

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