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Bring some serious fun and energy to your next event or offsite

Interactive keynotes that inspire action

We infuse gamification with insightful content to generate serious energy and excitement. Our six interactive keynotes will get everyone talking.

Everyday Innovation

Innovation should be a consistent focus for every team. But the busyness of work means there's no time to innovate. Everyday innovation is about spotting and acting on innovation opportunities in everyone's day-to-day work in a practical and customer-focused way.  


People come up with more practical ideas for innovation and continuous improvement. It's all about the small bets!

The Wellbeing Equation

Fixing overwork isn’t just about better individual prioritisation. If everyone in your organisation complains about being tired, it’s a sign of a failing system. This keynote explores the wellbeing equation and how balancing time, energy, and resources is vital for building sustainable organisational health and performance.


Senior leaders can more effectively manage their teams' wellbeing and engagement to deliver higher-quality work and better results.


The Art of Connection

Most teams spend way too much time on tasks, way too much time on the surface and not enough time going deeper. The most magnetic teams deepen connection emotionally and intellectually. This keynote unpacks what deeper, values-led connection really looks like.


People foster more meaningful relationships within their teams and cross-functionally, helping build organisational speed and psychological safety.

Make Work Anti-Boring

To build a culture focused on performance, well-being, and creativity, boredom needs to be banished from the workplace. This keynote inspires people to look at how they can make work more interesting, novel, creative and less boring for themselves and their teams.


Increased engagement and creativity at work, because people are enjoying what they do!

The Reskilling Revolution

44% of workers' core skills are expected to change within the next five years (World Economic Forum). This means organisations need to totally reinvent how they view learning and development and how they foster a more curious and future-focused mindset in their teams.


People place more emphasis on continuous learning and development at an individual and team level so that the organisation can thrive now, and in the future.

Gamify Your Goals

Making progress on goals can be a bit of a slog. But the world of gamification offers plenty of inspiration for how we can revolutionise our approach to achieving our goals and targets, in a way that's fun and engaging.


People bring a new-found zest and energy to tackle their work and personal goals.

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Ready for a dose of energy and action at your next event or offsite?

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