4 signs an underperformer will get back on the right track

Dealing with underperformance is an essential (but icky) part of creating a winning culture.

And there comes a time when it's no longer working out, and it's time for the person to move on.

It's a delicate balance. You want to give them a chance to succeed, but you also want to avoid the negative impact of long-term underperformance.

This mini-guide explores the four signs that an underperformer will get back on the right track, given the right help, support and time. The mini-guide covers

  • Your role in setting the person up for success

  • The four signs to look out for

  • Alternatives to consider before letting the person go

There is also a short video that explores these topics.

I hope these tools help you tackle any underperformance issues you've got going on right now. Viren

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