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8 questions to help you get the most out of hybrid working

I like this simple framework to help design hybrid working in a way that allows people and teams to do their best work.

Image courtesy of Gartner, from the article 4 Modes of Collaboration Are Key to Success in Hybrid Work Some questions to help you get the most from hybrid working:

  • Why are we getting people to come into the office? Is it critical to get the work done? How will we change our in-person environment to reflect this?

  • How can we boost the 4Cs (Connection, Collaboration, Creativity, and Celebration) when we bring people together?

  • How can we better use our asynchronous communication tools like Slack, Teams etc.?

  • How will we differentiate the reasons for coming together in-person versus virtually?

  • How will we end back-to-back meetings once and for all to create proper time and space for people to make progress and do deep, meaningful and creative work?

  • What tools can we use to collaborate online more effectively (e.g. Miro)?

  • How can we go beyond Zoom/Teams to create different virtual spaces for people to interact together (e.g. Remo, Welo)?

  • How might we create opportunities for people to "work alone, together" in a virtual environment, so they feel less isolated when working from home?

To make hybrid function well, we need to think intentionally about how we design work. We need to give individuals flexibility and choice with some supporting guidelines to strike the right balance between alignment and autonomy. Happy designing!


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