Better retain your best people with internal career development

People crave career development. And if you don't give it to them? They're likely to leave.

When thinking about career development, think about providing people with time/money/support for development in one of three different ways:

  • Development so they can perform their current role well

  • Development to support them to grow for future roles

  • Developing them as a person (i.e. providing non-work-related development)

Also, looking beyond vertical progression is a great way to increase the career development opportunities you can provide someone.

Moving people around internally is one of the best tricks a business can tap into to do this. This can be more permanent in nature, like switching roles into another team/function, all the way through to smaller commitments, say a couple of hours per week in a different team.

The benefits of doing this are not just limited to increased retention and cross-skilling. By moving people around internally, you will also:

  • Reduce the impact of silos by creating stronger interconnections through your business

  • Foster better ideas and fresher thinking by increasing diversity of thought within teams

In this short video, I talk a little more about the concept of lateral mobility.

Have fun! Viren

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