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Do you have a high-performing team?

"Rate the performance of our team relative to what's possible with what we have today." (Inspired by Steve Vamos, CEO Xero)

A growth-focused culture is all about creating an environment where teams can outperform the resources they have available to them. At your next leadership meeting, use the above prompt to open up a conversation about team and business performance. Get each person to provide a 1-10 rating and then take an average (whether you do this openly or anonymously will depend on the level of trust and psychological safety you have in your group).

You can then ask follow-up questions to dive deeper and help unlock a higher level of performance in your team:

  • What's helped us achieve this score?

  • What's preventing us from playing from a 10?

  • What could we do differently to increase this score?

  • What different skills and perspectives could we bring into our team to improve performance?

You can also adapt this question to help an individual explore their own performance:

"Rate your own performance relative to what you think's possible with the time and resources you have available to you."

The score is just a springboard to have a meaningful conversation about performance:

  • What's helped you achieve this score?

  • What's preventing you from playing from a 10?

  • How can we work together to increase this score?

Ultimately, having these types of conversations more openly and frequently is essential when it comes to building a high-performance culture.

Happy conversing,



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