Do You Use the Holy Trinity of Hiring Techniques?

Are you a growing small-medium business struggling with your hiring hit-rate? Do you use the Holy Trinity of Hiring Techniques for your shortlisted candidates? Research shows these are amongst the best tools to predict job performance:

💬 Structured interviews. Plan your questions and don't make them up 5 mins before the interview! Select a few well-considered questions that align with the critical needs of the role and also explore culture fit/add. Score the responses in a structured way too.

🧠 Cognitive ability tests (or the gamified equivalent) i.e. timed tests that have abstract/verbal/numerical style questions. It still amazes me that scores from a small set of tests have so much predictive power. Especially important nowadays when the ability to learn fast and problem solve is crucial to cope with rapid change. If a candidate bombs it shouldn't be fatal, but you'll need to explore further.

📜 Work sample test i.e. an exercise based on a snapshot of a job-related task. It's so valuable to see how someone approaches work, versus how they say they have done it/will do it in an interview. Select a critical part of the role, and turn it into a simple written, case study or role-play activity.

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