How do you collaborate better?

Every day we need to collaborate to get work done. How can we do it better? One important factors is to get together as a team and think intentionally about how you work together. There are three segments to consider as a team:

Why are we collaborating? Getting crystal clear on why the team exists, what great looks like and what values the team wants to live by gives the team a distinct sense of purpose. This then becomes a north star for decision making.

How can we tap into our diversity? Articulating the teams' strengths, working preferences, and gaps helps the team be proactive about how they best use their skills and make up for any areas they lack.

How can we work best together? Creating alignment about what behaviours and actions are acceptable (and not) gives teams the framework they need to better self-manage performance. Being clear about roles and responsibilities helps ensure the team has transparency about who gets what done. Making sure teams are on the same page about how they work together supports more effective collaboration and helps teams perform better together. Happy collaborating!

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