How to reduce the pressure in your business

Wellness programs and meditation alone won't fix the underlying issues behind the exhaustion and overwork you and your people are feeling.

To fix the underlying issues you need to make top-down changes. This video covers five examples of top-down changes that you can make. Changes that will help increase the energy you and your people can invest in your business.

⭐ Better prioritisation - do less and do it better

⭐ Manage peak workloads more effectively by using freelancers

⭐ Clarify what meetings are for, and then reduce the overall amount of them

⭐ Fix those crappy processes once and for all

⭐ Provide greater clarity and freedom around decision making

These types of top-down changes will then help you get the most of any bottom-up initiatives you then put in place.

What top-down changes have you seen work well at reducing the pressure in your workplace?

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