Out with the old and in with the new

Last October I snapped my ACL, ugh. Bad injury and bad timing too, it really sucks! I had my knee surgery last month, and needed to form some new habits ⏰ in order to stick to my physio. A great opportunity to read Atomic Habits, an awesome book 📖 by James Clear.

In the video below I talk about how I'm applying some of the key insights I got from the book to:

- Create a new habit - doing my physio daily 🤸🏽‍♀️✅, and

- Break a bad habit I have - using my phone around my wife and kids 📱❌

The four insights I talk in more detail about are:

1. Focus on your (desired) identity

2. Never miss twice

3. Set easy achievable goals to build momentum in your new habit

4. Make it fun/enjoyable or make it difficult/awkward

The book is well worth a read if you are focusing on any form of self-improvement or need to lead any form of behaviour change. A nice intro to the book is the habit model the book is based on: .

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