Screw birthday presents and bonuses. How to really make people feel recognised and valued

Think annual performance bonuses motivate your staff? Think again... It's a motivation tool, that more often than not, is poorly implemented. Together with the annual (or bi-annual) performance review, they need to be scrapped for something better. But why are annual performance bonuses not effective? One of the reasons is that the employee experience is often negative:

So is the answer free beer (yay!), a ping pong table (yay!) or brightly coloured weird chairs (yay?)? Perhaps not. Reward and recognition works much better when it's personalised. "Surprise and Delight" is a great way to approach reward and recognition - especially once you have the fundamentals in place. My wife, brought the concept of Surprise & Delight to life on the first day I started my new business. Watch the video to find out how she did it! Surprise and Delight is inspired by the awesome work of Daniel Pink ("Drive") and Jason Fox ("The Game Changer").

Want to bring more Surprise and Delight to those around you? Here are three simple steps:

  1. Observe - what do those around you value?

  2. Think - what gestures, experience and gifts align with these values?

  3. Recognise - what are those those around you doing which is pushing them outside their comfort zone?

Watch the video for examples of these steps in action.

You can download a free cheat sheet to help you better recognise those around you:

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