Take a Moment, Right Now, and Really Consider "How Are You?"

Emotions are such a crucial part of what makes us human, and they play such a significant role in what we think, how we act and the decisions we make. Yet it's a shame that the emotional language we frequently default to in order to describe our feelings to others often gets limited to "good" or "busy". But busy is not an emotion!

A tool like Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions is a great way to explore emotions and also to increase the diversity of language we use around emotions. Plutchik proposed 8 primary emotions (e.g. Joy) which can be experienced at different intensities. These emotions interact with each other to produce more complex emotions (e.g. Fear + Surprise = Awe or Fear + Disgust = Shame).

There are many potential uses for a tool like this, but as a starting point, it helps us to richen the language we use to describe and understand our emotions.

So take a moment, right now, and really consider "how are you?" Also, consider how do you want to feel, or need to feel, to get the most out of today?

My challenge to you is the next time you ask someone "how are you?" and you get the auto-pilot response of "good" or "busy" take the time to explore further the genuine emotions the person is feeling.

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