Why forcing people back into the office isn't the answer

Many businesses are considering 'forcing' people back to the office to better 'see' and 'manage' performance.

However, most surveys indicate people want some form of flexibility between at-home and in-office. The risk of forcing people back is that it disengages them (not great for performance) or they will make a dash for the exit.

Here are two strategies that can help resolve this tension, avoid "forcing" people back into the office:

⭐ Create a clear sense of alignment together with your people. Look at creating alignment for the long-term (vision and strategy), mid-term (team goals) and short-term (actions)

⭐ Establish a good coaching rhythm in your business. A series of regular, informal, structured conversations your people leaders have with every one of their team members. These conversations create connection, help keep people aligned and provide space for regular two-way feedback conversations.

To create a winning culture, you need to enable autonomy (and choice) within a clear framework. Forcing people back goes against this.

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