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Bring some serious fun and engagement to your next event, offsite or learning program


We bring a sprinkle of magic dust to the most important events and programs you want to run in your organisation.


Bring high levels of engagement and energy to your next event by creating more meaningful moments with a focus on deeper connection, 

curiosity and values.


Interactive Keynotes

Practical and insightful content on topics like culture, innovation, and collaboration, combined with interactive activities that get people applying key ideas straight away.




Have your people master the core skills needed for building a growth-focused culture. We focus on topics like feedback, better meetings, everyday innovation, the coaching rhythm, and goal-setting.


Team Development


Foster psychological safety, connection and collaboration in your ELTs and SLTs. We work with teams to get them aligned, innovating. and performing.

Impactful design

We'll work with you to understand your culture and objectives and then design something engaging and impactful. We draw from a range of tools to build our sessions:

Experiential activities

that get people to put theory into practice in a safe and inclusive way.


Team coaching follow-ups

that drive accountability, create space for celebrating wins, and reinforce learning.


Play & games

that bring fun, novelty and freshness to the experience.



to craft a certain vibe and inject energy and enthusiasm.


Canvases, templates and videos

that makes it super simple to take ideas from the session and put them into action.

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Flexible delivery options


We facilitate
We facilitate in an energetic, inclusive, positive and engaging way. We're also part of specialist facilitation communities like Never Done Before to keep honing our facilitation craft. We can facilitate in-person sessions, virtual sessions or hybrid.


We love co-facilitating together with our customers. We find the co-facilitation approach works well for more bespoke sessions that have specific requirements and need a blend of facilitation nous and internal knowledge.


Train-the-trainer model
A  great way to make things scalable, we'll upskill an internal team to deliver sessions, providing them with all the necessary tools, templates and guides. This is a popular option if you want to roll out programs that are delivered on a regular basis.

Ready to level up your next event?

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A fresh, action-focused way to build your culture.

Melbourne, Australia

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