Our mission

Our mission is to bring more fun into the world by making small and medium growing businesses amazing places to work.


Too many businesses struggle to get the people stuff right because they rely on outdated approaches and techniques. That’s why we created In The Game - to help you hire incredible team members and build an awesome, values-led business with a fresh and playful approach to people and culture.

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About our co-founders

We've got over 30 years of combined experience in recruitment, leadership, culture, career development, performance and innovation. We've worked for leading companies in Australia and New Zealand and worldwide, implementing a range of innovative solutions in the people and culture space. Our game-based tools are based on the psychology of human motivation and applied psychology. We bring to life the principles of Self-Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan) by enabling businesses to build an environment that facilitates greater autonomy, connection and growth.



I’m passionate about applying psychology and innovation to improve the way we look at people and culture.

I've got  15+ years of experience in this space, supported by a Master’s in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

I love video and board games, listening to and DJing house music and watching soccer.



I’m passionate about diversity & inclusion and employee engagement. By day, I’m the Head of People & Operations for a high-growth agtech startup.  At night, I’m the voice of the customer for In The Game.

I've got  15+ years of commercial, strategic and operational HR, OD and recruitment expertise. I'm also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

I love Muay Thai, the All Blacks, equality activism and nature.

Our Values

Our values are all about how we work, how we work with you and how we make decisions as a business.


Have meaningful fun 

We bring a playful, fun edge to our approach. We believe that having fun is the best way to engage people and get them involved. We take our work seriously, but this doesn't mean we have to be boring.


Win as a team

Winning as a team is much more enjoyable than winning alone. We love collaboration and we’re big believers in the power of diverse thinking. The only way to tackle modern-day challenges is by combining diverse powers to think differently.


Build self-sufficiency

We're focused on creating self-sufficiency and removing unnecessary complexity. We believe that for a great culture to stick, every person in the business needs to have the tools to contribute positively.


Keep it fresh

Modern people & culture is an exciting, fast-evolving space. We look far and wide to capture the freshest thinking in our easy-to-use games, tools and frameworks.

Let's Play!

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A fresh way to build a growth-focused culture

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