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Our vision is to inspire organisations to build highly energised teams that focus on innovation, growth and impact, in a way that’s fun, fresh and engaging.



I’m passionate about innovation in people and culture. I've got 16+ years of expertise in facilitation and applied psychology for business. I also have 9+ years of experience in innovation and entrepreneurship. My experience is supported by a Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology.

As Founder, Facilitator and Product Development Lead at In The Game, I’m focused on pushing the boundaries when it comes to engagement, collaboration and inclusivity. I love delivering our Culture Design Sprints, which are focused on elevating every aspect of the employee experience in a fun, fresh and engaging way. My facilitation style is typically described as energetic, inclusive, positive and engaging.

​I love soccer, psychology, playing board/video games, running and DJing/listening to house music



I’m passionate about maximising the employee experience, about aligning and executing on strategy and working in a really inclusive way.


By day, I am the Chief Employee Experience Officer for a disability service provider, Melba. At night I am the voice of the customer for In The Game. I help make sure we build practical, workable solutions for businesses.


I've got 14+ years of commercial, strategic and operational HR, OD, and recruitment expertise.


I'm an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I’m currently the Chair of Refuge Victoria, a Board Member for Muaythai Victoria Incorporated and an L plate fight promotor.

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Our Values

Our values are all about how we work, how we work with you and how we make decisions as a business.


Have meaningful fun

We believe that fun is the best way to create meaning, satisfaction and positive outcomes in life and at work.


Build self-sufficiency

We believe that for a great culture to stick, every person in the business needs to be able to contribute easily and proactivley. 


Win as a team

We believe the only way to tackle modern-day challenges is to bring together diverse perspectives that generate different thinking.


Keep it fresh

We believe the world is an exciting and  interesting place. We look far and wide to capture the freshest thinking to include in our products and services. 

Helping to change the game

In The Game has taken the 1% pledge to give back at least 1% of revenue to businesses and enterprises focused on positive environmental, social and community impact. We do this by making financial contributions and offering discounts on all our products and services through our Changing the Game program. So far, these are some of the cause we’ve donated to:


Let's talk about executing your people strategy

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Get everyone involved in building your culture.

Melbourne, Australia

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