About Us


I am really passionate about innovation in HR. I believe that almost all traditional HR practices are broken and I love finding better and more progressive ways of doing things. 


I've got 10+ years deep expertise in applied psychology for hiring, leadership and performance.

I love soccer, psychology, playing board/video games and the night time.


I am really passionate about diversity & inclusion and employee engagement. By day I am a GM of People & Safety.  At night I am the voice of the customer for In The Game. I help make sure we build practical, workable solutions for businesses.

I've got 10+ years commercial, strategic and operational HR, OD & recruitment expertise.

I love Muay Thai, the All Blacks and the morning time.

Our Values

Make it fun

We bring a playful, fun edge to our approach. We take our work seriously, but fun isn't the opposite of serious. Boring is the opposite of fun, and boring is uninspiring and unmotivating.


Our approach and tools are evidence-based. We use principles of modern psychology, motivation and behaviour change to help you and your people get the wins they need and want.


Our modern approach draws from what some of the world’s most progressive companies are doing with respect to HR, leadership development and culture.

Keep it Simple

We enable self-sufficiency by giving you easy-to-use tools, practical frameworks and implementation support. These simple tools are simple because they're tried, tested and refined over time!

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