About Us

For too long, traditional, outdated and ineffective HR practices have been far too commonplace in businesses. Sadly, so much great research and modern practice goes to waste. So in 2018, we started In The Game, with a mission to help businesses build a winning culture by using better people and culture practices.

Viren Thakrar

I am really passionate about innovation in HR. I believe that almost all traditional HR practices are broken and I love finding better and more progressive ways of doing things. 


I've got 14+ years of expertise in applied psychology for hiring, leadership and performance.

I love soccer, psychology, playing board/video games and the night time.

I've been a speaker at the following events:

  • Australian Psychological Society (APS) Industrial and Organisational Psychology (IOP) Conference

  • Tableau on Tour Sydney Conference

  • Casey Cardinia Business Innovation Summit

  • Slingshot HRTech Demo Day

  • The Executive Connection (TEC) - regular guest speaker

  • LinkedIn

Bridget Thakrar

I am really passionate about diversity & inclusion and employee engagement. By day I am a GM of People & Safety.  At night I am the voice of the customer for In The Game. I help make sure we build practical, workable solutions for businesses.

I've got 14+ years commercial, strategic and operational HR, OD & recruitment expertise.

I'm also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

I love Muay Thai, the All Blacks and the morning time.

I've been a speaker at the following events:

  • Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) conference

  • CultureAmp Diversity & Inclusion Debate

  • Melbourne School of Engineering Water Security Series

  • LinkedIn
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Our Values

Our values are all about how we work, how we work with you and how we make decisions as a business.


Make it fun

We bring a playful, fun edge to our approach. Fun is the best way to engage people and get them involved. We take our work seriously, but this doesn't mean we have to be boring. Boring is the opposite of fun, and boring is uninspiring and unmotivating.



Our approach and tools are evidence-based. We use principles of modern psychology, motivation and behaviour change to help you and your people get the wins they need and want. We like reading and learning as much as possible about our brains!


Win as a team

Winning as a team is much more enjoyable than winning alone. We like working in a collaborative manner and are big believers in the power of diverse thinking. The only way to tackle modern-day challenges is by combining powers to think differently.


Simple & Fresh

We like making the complex simple. We look far and wide to capture the freshest thinking into easy-to-use tools and frameworks. We're also focused on creating self-sufficiency, and removing unnecessary complexity is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

Our work

This is what some of our customers have to say about working with us

I was determined to find a provider that had the same drive, passion, and respect for smaller businesses that want to grow. It was initially a struggle to find a provider who was initially cost-effective, impactful, and really wanted to understand our business. Viren, from In the Game, came to us highly recommended by a large organisation.


Not only was Viren passionate about adult learning, but he was also respectful, a lateral thinker and knew how to move a dry environment into something fun. Our people would later refer to concepts simply by remembering an experience - a game they played. 


I would definitely recommend Viren and In The Game to any forward-thinking employer. He brings a high level of energy and makes sure everyone is comfortable.  


A very worthwhile program – would highly recommend taking this journey with Viren and the team.


Louise, Group Head of Human Resources

In all the time that I've been running businesses, I have never seen any program that’s been even remotely as effective as the stuff that we've done with In the Game.

Other programs has been very short-term that everyone’s forgotten about within a few months. With this, it's reinforced with regular one-on-ones with Viren and putting in place practices to make sure it becomes part of the culture.

Michael, Business Owner

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Viren over the last 6 months. I have learnt a lot about myself while working through the program and feel I have new skills and tools to develop my team to improve performance and develop a more engaging culture.

In the Game have developed an amazing program to help improve team performance and company culture. Their approach is forward thinking, and the advice is based on research and data, and the program is like no other I have experienced.

Mel, Director of Business Development & Strategy

With In The Game we found there was much more personal attention, much more willing to understand our real needs.


The biggest value add was the understanding of what we need and making time to meet the broader team and see the business context to fully understand how we operate.


I would recommend In The Game for when you need something more bespoke that requires more strategic advice.

Ian, CEO