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Get more value from your engagement survey data

What good is the data without action? Get the playbook on how to run amazing engagement action planning sessions that generate more ideas, get better buy-in and result in meaningful change.

A framework for acting on your engagement survey data

Lots of effort goes into managing the survey process, so it’s a shame when we end up with vague and generic ideas like “we just need to communicate better”. This happens partly because fewer than 25% of managers have been given a framework for acting on survey data [1]. Our DIPA Engagement Action Planning Framework is a simple framework you can use to help managers act on survey data and create positive change:

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[1] Data from Glint and Wiley: Strategic Employee Surveys: Evidence-based Guidelines for Driving Organizational Success Managers

Get the Better Engagement Action Playbook

This playbook unpacks each aspect of the DIPA Engagement Action Planning Framework and gives you a step-by-step process you can use after you get your survey data.

Engagement Action Planning session structure


A detailed breakdown of how to structure your engagement action planning sessions so you can balance talking about the results and action.

Plug-and-play examples you can use right away


Lot's of simple and practical examples you can use to spruce up your existing action-planning workshops.

Engagement Action Planning template


A simple editable template you can use for more consistent action planning and data collection across your business.

Download the Playbook

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