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A framework for building growth-focused teams

The more complex things get, the more you need growth-focused teams to succeed. Being growth-focused is about more than getting bigger. Growth-focused teams:

  • Innovate and challenge the status quo to make things better.

  • Focus on impact and deliver positive outcomes and results, far outperforming the resources available to them.

  • Build a magnetic culture that people don't want to leave.

Our Growth-Focused Teams Framework unpacks the essential factors to focus on to build great teams consistently.

Rhythms & Rituals

From a P&C perspective, you need to get two things right. The first is bottom-up support. This means equipping leaders with the tools, support and resources they need to embed high-quality Rhythms and Rituals in their teams. These rhythms and rituals should be built around the 4Cs:


Building meaningful connection between team members that fosters deeper trust.


Genuine opportunities to work together to build something new and unanticipated.



Ensuring teams are constantly aligning around vision, values and goals.


Opportunities to celebrate the wins, big or small, to create positive momentum.


The second is top-down change focused on the Amplifiers of team performance. This means introducing systemic changes, coaching, training, and process redesign around:



Fostering an environment where people feel safe to share ideas, ask questions, raise concerns, or admit mistakes.

Feedback & Learning Loops

Creating a culture with a flow of healthy two-way feedback, with a  strong focus on learning and improvement.




Deliberately increasing and channelling the mix of background, knowledge, skills, experiences, thinking styles and personalities within your teams.

Autonomy & Flexibility

Providing teams as much freedom (as viable) in terms of where, when and how they work.

Get the Playbook

We're about to launch a free Building Growth-Focused Teams Playbook for P&C Teams. This playbook will dive deeper into the tactics and approaches you can use to build better teams consistently. If you'd like early access, pop your name on the wait list below, and we'll send it your way as soon as it's ready:

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