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Breathe life into your organisational values

Organisations that have a values-led culture see better engagement, retention and growth. But how do you really bring your values off the wall? Get the playbook on how to infuse your values into every aspect of your culture.

A framework for building a values-led culture

Building a values-led culture is about much more than coming up with a set of values with a short description. It's about baking these values into everything your organisation does. It takes effort, but it's worth it.  Sadly, most organisations fall well short of 'walking the talk' when it comes to values implementation, with basically zero correlation between a company's espoused values and lived values [1]. We've developed the SILK Values in Action Framework implementation so your values implementation can avoid the same fate.

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[1] When It Comes to Culture, Does Your Company Walk the Talk? (MIT Sloan Management Review Research Article )

Get the Building a Values-Led Culture Playbook

Get tons of ideas and examples about how you can implement your organisational values in a richer and more meaningful way.

Plug-and-play ideas you can implement straight away


Lot's of simple and practical ideas about how you can keep values top of mind.

An approach for building your culture roadmap


An easy way for you to evaluate where you're currently at, and where there is room to grow.

Values in Action



A simple editable template you can use to bring more depth to how you describe your values.

Download the Playbook

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A fresh, action-focused way to build your culture.

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