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How to make your business strategy sticky - a lesson from junior soccer ⚽

Coaching a junior soccer team has been one of my favourite life experiences. But getting a group of teenagers to focus on playing the same way was a challenge!

To help, I pulled together a 3-page strategy overview for the team. These are my learnings from the process:


⚽ Got everyone on the same page using common language

⚽ Became a consistent point of reference in-game and in-training

⚽ Helped keep essential stakeholders (i.e. parents!) involved


⚽ Not enough input from the players and parents in the process

⚽ Too long an acronym and too many bullet points (for the audience)

Takeaways for business:

⚽ Create something easy to share. Use visuals, acronyms, analogies, and stories to bring it to life and make it fun.

⚽ Simplified communication doesn't mean a simple strategy! The details can exist elsewhere.

⚽ Involve people from your business in the process of building and distilling your strategy

⚽ Refer back to it consistently to discuss it and evolve it

The test of success? Everyone in your business can easily talk about it


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